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Leading Practice Webinar: Uncovering the Return on Investment and Value of Enterprise Risk Intelligence in your organisation

Date: 30.01.19 - Wednesday - 11.00am-11.30am (Brisbane Time) - Webinar via GoToWebinar
Organised By: RMSS  |  Type: Webinar

The ultimate value and power of Enterprise Risk Intelligence (ERI) lies in the ability of organisations to tap into the ‘intelligence’ by integrating what most often have been disparate functions of compliance, event/incident and risk management.  Traditionally, organisational risks have been managed in separate silos and hence the core functions of risk, event and compliance are managed separately.

ERI moves beyond the frequently used terms of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) or Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to fully integrate and collaborate every aspect of the entire organisation including all the strategic and operational risks, events and compliance obligations. An organisation that recognises risk intelligence as a business process will unlock the following capabilities:

  • The ability to measure the organisation’s risk management through the analysis of events/incidents (a risk that eventuated)
  • The ability to identify breaches in compliance as a risk
  • Prioritise breaches and corrective actions through the risk assessment of compliance obligations
  • Escalate events on the basis of risk (potential outcome) not just severity (actual outcome).

Organisations that are risk intelligent will prevail through economic and business cycles and can emerge ahead of the competition through the realisation of people benefits, compliance savings, insurance savings, cost reduction and loss avoidance to name a few.

This educational webinar will examine how to unlock the Return on Investment (ROI) and tap in to the value of Enterprise Risk Intelligence (ERI) for your organisation utilising real life industry examples. 

Why attend?

This presentation will provide organisations with a comprehensive overview of the value of Enterprise Risk Intelligence including examples of how leading organisations across different industry sectors are achieving and benefiting from best practice Enterprise Risk Intelligence.

About your presenter – Andrew Howarth

Andrew Howarth is the founder and CEO of RMSS and has been instrumental in developing a new paradigm shift in risk management called Enterprise Risk Intelligence. Andrew’s achievements include over 18 years in senior risk management roles with multinational organisations throughout Australia and Asia. At RMSS, Andrew’s expertise in implementing Enterprise Risk Intelligence solutions has assisted clients across a broad range of industries to more effectively manage enterprise risk by integrating the previously disparate functions of risk management, event/incident management and compliance. In addition to Andrew's experience in the field of risk management, he has formal qualifications in the form of a Master of Business and Technology (Risk Management) from the University of New South Wales. Andrew is also a regular speaker on risk management and Enterprise Risk Intelligence related topics at various risk and compliance industry seminars and events. 

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