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News > In The News > To Cloud or not to Cloud? An article by Andrew Howarth, CEO

To Cloud or not to Cloud? An article by Andrew Howarth, CEO

Date: 15.05.19 - Wednesday

Organisations should not make a decision to purchase a software solution purely because the method of delivery is in the cloud. Instead, in the first instance, they should purchase a software solution based on its capability to seamlessly meet the work flow and desired outcomes of the organisation and then, secondly, decide if cloud or on premise is the best vehicle for delivery, administration and user access.


Defined as ‘Software deployed as a hosted service and accessed over the Internet,’ cloud options can provide a number of financial and business benefits to organisations. However, some vendors appear to be heavily advertising and focusing on this method of delivery instead of the more significant aspect of evaluating the capability of the solution being offered.


Cloud has been around for longer than many would realise; RMSS has been providing organisations with the option to deploy risk management software in the cloud since 2005. RMSS also offers an on premise option for deployment, where the client purchases the right to use the software and internally bears the cost of hardware and associated management.


The decision to purchase and implement software should be based on more than the delivery mechanism as any good vendor should be able to provide cloud or in-house deployment of software solutions. Hence, the question should not be whether to select cloud or not, but instead, whether the software meets the functionality needs of the organisation, whether it provides the required flexibility and capability and whether it meets the organisation’s business needs.  If the answer is yes to all of the above, the next step is to consider the right delivery method.