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RMSS adds observation capabilities to the compliancemanager solution

Date: 09.09.14 - Tuesday

RMSS (Risk Management and Safety Systems) has launched an Observations Manager component as part of its compliancemanager solution in the RMSS Suite.


Observations Manager is a tool which engages employees to discuss safety aspects of a task and record those outcomes within a centralised database.


“Observations Manager provides organisations with a means to identify, track and address safety issues identified by employees in real-time. By recording safety observations as they occur, organisations can foster and build a safety culture and encourage leading practice health and safety.” said Andrew Howarth, CEO, RMSS.


Key features of the component include the following:

  • The ability to input user findings directly into the system to enable real-time reporting and follow-up
  • The ability to send email notifications to notify relevant employees of an observation
  • The ability to assign actions in response to an observation
  • The ability to assign responsibility to the relevant person/people within the organisation.


Observations Manager provides a simple to use tool that supports the tracking, processing and sharing of observations across an organisation.


About RMSS

RMSS is a leading provider of Enterprise Risk Intelligence solutions, delivering integrated risk, compliance, event and claims management software. RMSS solutions are utilised across a diverse range of business sectors including many of Australia’s largest corporations and government organisations. For more information, contact RMSS Marketing on marketing@rmss.com.au or by calling +61 7 3252 1400.