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RMSS announces new customers for FY15

Date: 09.09.14 - Tuesday

RMSS has commenced the new financial year on a strong note by adding a number of new clients to its customer base.

RMSS would like to thank Western Water (Sunbury, Victoria) for joining the team recently following their procurement process. Western Water will be using the RMSS suite for enterprise risk management, compliance management, quality management and occupational health and safety.


RMSS is also pleased to welcome its newest international client and first client directly sold and operating out of Mexico. Fresnillo holds the largest precious metal reserve in Mexico, as well as being the second largest silver producer in the world and the largest gold producer in Mexico.

Fresnillo will be using the RMSS suite for enterprise risk management managing all of the strategic and operational risks across their vast operations in Mexico and beyond.


RMSS also was successful in the tender process for a compliance management tool for Western Australia Department of Health. The RMSS suite, compliancemanager module, is currently being implemented to undertake surveys and audits across the full operation of the Department of Health in Western Australia.


We would also like to thank the other clients that have recently joined RMSS and we look forward to a long stable relationship as our off-the-shelf product grows in strength to strength and delivers the efficiencies and features demanded by practice operations throughout the world.