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RMSS announces Obligations Manager as the latest addition to the RMSS Suite

Date: 01.06.14 - Sunday

RMSS is pleased to announce the much anticipated release of Obligations Manager. Obligations Manager is an enhancement to the compliancemanger module within the RMSS Suite that is designed to establish and monitor organisation’s compliance obligations regardless of the physical location of the obligation or the obligation type.

The module consists of three fundamental elements including the following:

·         The ability to establish obligations

·         The ability to profile and assign obligations

·         The ability to report on obligations.


In addition, Obligations Manager is part-integrated with the existing Audit Manager to share audits and conduct scheduled testing programs including self-assessment and internal/external auditing.


“Obligations Manager provides real-time information around the state of compliance in the organisation including the ability to measure results.  This allows organisations to maintain high standards of compliance, facilitate assurance and manage complex obligations to meet operating objectives.” said Andrew Howarth, CEO, RMSS.


Obligations Manager assists organisations in managing internal and external compliance obligations through the following:


•        The ability to list internal and external obligations locally in one place

•        Identify real-time, relevant information on compliance

•        Measure compliance results and facilitate assurance

•        Access multiple streams of auditing and or test plans e.g. self assessment, internal audit, external audit etc

•        Break down key compliance information to suit various people’s needs

•        Empower stakeholders and employees to make better business decisions.



About RMSS

RMSS is a leading provider of Enterprise Risk Intelligence solutions, delivering integrated risk, compliance, event and claims management software. RMSS solutions are utilised across a diverse range of business sectors including many of Australia’s largest corporations and government organisations. For more information, contact RMSS Marketing marketing@rmss.com.au, or call +61 7 3252 1400.