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RMSS set to launch Monitoring Manager module as part of the RMSS Suite

Date: 09.09.14 - Tuesday

In the coming months RMSS is set to introduce a new module to the RMSS Suite; Monitoring Manager.

How can Monitoring Manager assist mining organisations?

Monitoring Manager can assist mining organisations to make informed and timely decisions by monitoring and reporting on compliance with EPA legislation. Monitoring Manager captures and reports critical control point (CCP) data related to mining production, by:

  • Tracking environmental impacts along the entire mining value chain;
  • Tracking field sample collection, scheduling and distribution/allocation of the assays (mine-laboratory-mine);
  • Capturing potential breaches in the process and triggering automated alerts/notifications;
  •  Providing real-time evidence and reporting to all relevant stakeholders.

Monitoring Manager has been developed to meet organisations ever-changing needs surrounding industry standards and encompasses the flexibility to be configured based on specific organisation requirements.


How does it work?

Monitoring Manager can be used to, record, and assist in the distribution of assays to the laboratory. Once published, staff can populate relevant data into the system, empowering management to analyse, report and respond as required. 


Monitoring Manager – Key Features:

  • Create, assign and schedule (assay) tasks including distribution and collection dates;
  • Collate and review sampling data;
  • Audit tasks through a comprehensive history of all interactions;
  • Create escalation rules and trigger alerts/notifications to stakeholders;
  • Dashboard to:
  • Access interactive hotspot image maps of locations and sites;
  • Drill down to specific sites or view all locations as hotspots on a state/country map;
  • Identify sites that have exceeded trigger levels;
  • View site by site details and scheduled tasks;
  • Real-time reporting and trend analysis including detail reports, summary reports and graphs.

“Monitoring Manager can provide organisations with a solution to track real time information across the life of a sample to assist in the management of the process and in meeting compliance obligations.” said Andrew Howarth, CEO, RMSS.


First look - Monitoring Manager

Dashboard:Location Map
Dashboard:Site Map                        
Schedule Status Screen

 Schedule Tasks Screen                                   


Who is RMSS?

As a leading provider of Enterprise Risk Management solutions, RMSS assists our clients in the mining industry to make timely, informed decisions around a range of risk issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Health and Safety
  • Investment
  • Financial Performance
  • Project Delivery
  • Legal Compliance
  • Operational Performance


We achieve this by providing our clients with an integrated, dynamic risk management system designed to improve strategic and operational planning and manage opportunities, unexpected events and compliance breaches.  


Our highly configurable solution also provides personalised risk information to a range of stakeholders in your organisation based on their expectations, roles and responsibilities.


RMSS is an Australian owned company providing risk solutions to a wide range of industries both in Australia and internationally for over 10 years.  We have built a team of professionals with knowledge and experience of the mining industry to ensure a tailored solution specific to your needs.


For more information, please contact RMSS Marketing on +61 4 3252 1400 or marketing@rmss.com.au.