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RMSS ERI integrates risk, compliance, event and claims management at an enterprise level.

Combining intelligence gathered from the riskmanager, compliancemanager, event manager and claimsmanager products, RMSS ERI  increases operational intelligence and facilitates efficiency, productivity and increased profitability.

RMSS ERI integrates your organisation’s risk, event, compliance and claims processes into a comprehensive enterprise system that will communicate with each component of previously disparate processes.

Suitable for large organisations, this solution optimises the full potential of RMSS' application without restrictions, and manages workflows according to organisational requirements. 

RMSS ERI caters for all areas of corporate and operational risk including health and safety, environmental, regulatory compliance, security, financial and public image. All data is contained within a central database and is accessible from any internet connected location. This solution can be hosted by the client (on site) or by RMSS.


Available Industries

RMSS ERI is available for all industries and can be tailored to an organisation’s individual requirements. 


Next Steps

For more information about RMSS ERI, please contact us to arrange a live demonstration of our software.