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RMSS Subscription

RMSS Subscription combines intelligence from the riskmanager, compliancemanager, and event manager products enabling organisations to report on risks, events and areas of non-compliance as and when they occur. 

Industry-specific data is preconfigured within the application allowing the user to assess risks, record incidents/events and conduct audits/observations by simply logging on.

The RMSS Subscription solution enables smaller organisations to benefit from leading-practice industry methodologies, and gain a single view of top business and compliance risks, as well as the current state of control frameworks.

RMSS Subscription offers a single-user software license to a multi-tenant application. All data is contained within a central database and is accessible from any internet connected location. RMSS Subscription is fully maintained and hosted by RMSS.


Available Industries

Your organisation will see immediate results with RMSS' range of pre-configured industry based solutions. Our industry based solutions allow organisations to benefit from proven methodologies, improve business practices and build risk management systems.

RMSS Lite is currently available for the following industries:


Next Steps

For more information about RMSS Subscription, please contact us to arrange a live demonstration of our software.